5 Interesting Tricks About Facebook Messenger

Author: Jack  Chopin   Release time: October 25, 2016   Category: Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger is undoubtedly one of the most used popular messenger app today with people using it daily to send communicate with friends and families.  But there are many hidden features which most people are not aware of. Here are top features which you add bliss to your chatting experience. 

1. Playing Chess with your friend

Yes you read it right. You can play chess inside facebook messenger. You can challenge your friend in the game. All you have to do is type "@fbchess" and the game will start. 

To make the moves, you’ll have to manually type the moves. Example  @fbchess Pb4 when you need to move a pawn in column B to row 4. For instructions or help you can type @fbchess. 

You can check the youtube video here too: How to Play Chess on Facebook via Chat


2.  Random Cuteness Dose 

If you are up for some cute things then just type @dailycute. It will find a cute image for you and post.

Interesting so far, isn’t it? 


3. Taking Photos inside your Messenger 

Well this is a small hack. Instead of taking a photo with your phone’s camera app and  then sending to your friends via Messenger, you can actually just click on the camera icon in the messenger to get the work done in much easier way. So in this manner you can save time instantly send your selfie or even groupie. Also there is a button to record video in the same manner.


4.  Use facebook messenger without having a real facebook account 

Not everyone has a facebook account. Yes really. So why not just use your phone number to log into your messenger? All you need to do is install the messenger app on your phone and open it, it will detect you number.

5. Draw or add text to your photos 

You can edit your photos right inside your messenger before sending out to your friends. Just tap the gallery button and choose your photo from the camera roll. Long press on it and tap the pencil icon. This is the edit option on your photo preview which lets you add text or even doodles on your photos.

Cheers !

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