7 Best BBM Tips And Tricks For Android Users 2016

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BlackBerry Messenger, also know as BBM, has won great reputation around the world after its first release in August 2005. However, the app has so many functions and features that many users may find it somewhat confusing. When you open the app at the first time, you might be confused by the layouts that are different from common Android design standards. For all of those newbies, we collected all the useful tips and tricks below.

Notice:All these tips were tested on Google Nexus5


1.The PIN

This is the most characteristic feature of this messenger that makes it unique from other instant messengers. Although the registration procedure is based on a telephone number in the way Line or WhatsApp are, after completing that, each user is assigned a private and unmatched PIN that is used to recognize each other. Therefore, none can spam you even they know your phone number. But how to find it? Here is the instruction.

Sidebar > Avatar or Name > BBM PIN

sidebar.png  personal-profile.png

The account profile provide details like QR code and updates info. Just choose to copy or share your PIN with friends.



2.Edit your Status

Status is where users share their living condition or standing of things or emotions in real time life, and any users can also modify or change it. In the beginning you only have options of ''Available'' or ''Busy'' , but it is easy to add new statement.

Tips: emoticons are allowed to add.

 status.png      edit-status-message.png

3.Add contacts

1.In BBM, contacts are added by sharing a PIN. But there are also some other ways to do so. In the main page, tapping the overflow menu button and a range of options including ''Add contact'' will show. Tapping it will bring up 5 options, including Barcode scan, PIN, Email, SMS and NFC.


2.You can also invite friends from your Invites page.


3.The quickest way is tapping your Barcode from sidebar.

sidebar -barcode.png 

4.If you think it is inconvenient, using the link fuel may be a more efficient and easy way. If your friends clicks on the link”pin.bbm.com/YOURPIN” shared by you via the Android app in its fuel, it will automatically match your PIN.


4.Manage your notifications

It’s annoying if you've added contacts who frequently change their profile picture. Fortunately you could manage the notifications you'll receive in BBM.

Settings > Notifications > Disable Notifications


To avoid missing Ping or BBM protected messages which were remarked as high priority

Settings > Notifications > Ping and Priority Notifications



5.Turn off the function of Android Connected Icon

If you use BBM on an Android device, the BBM connected icon will always show on your home screen status bar. Turn off it if it disturb you somehow or you want to reduce RAM usage, but please note BBM messages might mot be delivered or delivery might be delayed if your device memory is low. 

Setting > Notifications > Switch to turn off


6. Create or join a BBM group

BBM Group is used to communicate, share events, lists and pictures up to 250 people in real time. For example, you can post your plans in it and then make an appointment or checklist that everyone in the group can know.

Groups > Create New Group > Set image, name and description > Save


Join a group which has already exited is much more easy.

Groups > Join Group > Scan Barcode



These were just a few tricks to help you use BBM skillfully. If you know any other useful tips for BlackBerry Messenger on Android, please leave comments below.

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