9 Useful LINE App Tips And Tricks

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As of Feb 2015, the Japanese messenger app LINE, which is very popular all around the world, has over 600 million global registered users. Within LINE, users can send messages, voice&video calls and follow the official accounts, like your favorite singers or news channels.

But there must be some features that you didn't know about LINE, which is why those handy tips and tricks below prove to be useful.



Note: These tips and tricks were tested on Google Nexus5 and the steps may turn out to be different if you use a different Phone.


1. Backing Up Chat History

Chat history won’t be saved automatically in the LINE server, if you uninstall the app or clear the local data, you will lose all your chat history.

Enter the chat room → Down arrow button at the top right → Chat Settings → Backup Chat History → Backup as a Text File or Backup All. Your backups will be stored in your cloud storage, like LINE Keep.




2. Free Voice Call Or Video Call To Any LINE Friends

Just like other instant messaging Applications, LINE also allows users to call any LINE friends for free.

Go to a chat room → Down arrow at the top right → Free Call or Video Call.



3. Switch off Auto Add Friends From Contacts

If you don't want to be added by those who saved you in their LINE contact list automatically, you can turn this option off, then they can only add you after you agree.

Go to open LINE app → More → Settings → Friends, switch on “Auto Add Friends”.



4. Delete Your Phone Number

Before deleting phone number, please check if your LINE account link to email and Facebook. 

(Go to More → Settings and → Accounts)




Then, clear data of LINE or reinstall it. Once completed, open LINE app.

Login with Facebook (If they ask you to enter a PIN number, just type the last code of the previous phone-number.)



5. Change Default Photo Quality From Low To High

By default, any photo you send to your friends via chat room is of lower quality.

Go to More → Settings → Photos & Videos → Photo Quality(sent) : change from Low to High Quality.




6.Save in Keep,Delete, Forward or Save to Notes

These features, including deleting your messages, forwarding it to someone else, having it saved in Keep or to Notes, are very useful especially the Keep feature. If you want to know how, follow these steps below.

Enter any chat room → Down arrow button at the top right → Edit Messages → Save in Keep, Delete Messages, Forward or Save to Notes → Select the message you want to apply the option to.


61.png  62.png


7. Browse And Save photos Sent Before

You probably have sent some photos to your friends before. Instead of browsing all your chat history to search for those photos, you can save them to your Album or your device.

Enter the chat room → Drop down button → Photos.




8. Share Timeline Post To Chat

If you want to share something interesting in your Timeline posts with your friends, hold on the post for a moment and send to Chat.




9. Change Default Ringtone

If your are sick of the default LINE ringtone, you could change it to your favorite one.

Go to Settings → Notifications → Tone, then choose the ringtone you like




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