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With Blackberry Messenger Custom Pins, you can get into a messaging experience that elevates security into a new level of sanctity. Together with privacy features, you get to experience a sanctity to your messaging interactions that leaves you free of all those worries at the back of your mind whenever you use an online service. It is really worrisome to know that your phone and email details might be located in all possible nooks and crannies of the internet, forever leaving you open to some kind of exposure.

What is BBM Pin

When you add contacts, Pins are the way to go without making your phone number and email address public. And you can customize these pins too. From between six and eight characters, you can customize your pin and make it easily recognizable for those who know you or those who might know you. Whichever device you are using, your pin stays with you on account of your Blackberry ID.


How to get custom pins and use them

In BBM, open SHOP and go to SUBSCRIPTIONS where you will find CUSTOM PINS. The characters that are allowed are alphabets and numerals. Custom Pins cannot consist of special characters.


Create a special instant-recognition code word that automatically draws attention to you. Everybody has their own little branding exercise now with the customisation of their pin. Get going and think up a combination that is both fun as well as effective. There is no more problem with remembering your pin as your customised pin will be akin to your name itself, as it is specially framed either to reflect you as a person or as representative of your entity.

While Blackberry and Android users have their custom pins renewed automatically, iOS users will get a message to do so at the end of each month. If you do not renew, your original pin will be back as your pin. Together with the option of dropping out of ads, you have a great and secure ecosystem to manage your online interactions.

BBM Pin Finders which help you find contacts

Use the App to locate people around you within a defined radius. You can filter by male, female or by country over a huge database of pins. As you go about searching through tens of thousands of pins, you realize the great value of custom pins as they get you to make your own pin spotted while also doing the same to find out those who you are seeking to get to. The pin is just the spark to make you glitter among the clutter. Download Pin Finder App and begin to get all of your friends together into your BBM making it the quickest communication gateway for all of your needs. With an automatic addition feature, you do not even have to take the time out for expanding your contacts.

Get started on this efficient pathway by thinking up a customised pin that makes your reach across the BBM platform easy and simple.

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