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Technology is evolving all the time. And the demands of people usually inspire the thinking of technique. Based on the demand of two WhatsApp on one phone, OgWhatsApp came into being. It is the most popular way to make this demand come true.


Part 1: How to download and use OgWhatsApp?

If you are searching online, you can be pushed many articles on how to use OgwhatsApp. And here is the guide.

Step 1: Backup the conversion in official WhatsApp Messenger in Settings.


Step 2: Clear the data of WhatApp Messenger and rename /sdcard/WhatsApp to /sdcard/OGWhatsApp. You can download a file manager to handle this.

Step 3: Uninstall official WhatsApp Messenger.

Step 4: Download Ogwhatsapp here and install.

Step 5: Enter your old WhatsApp phone number with official WhatsApp in the setup and verify.

Step 6: Download official WhatsApp Messenger and install.

Step 7: Enter your second phone number to verify and finish the setup. Now your second WhatsApp is ok to use.

Download OGwhatsapp here


Part 2: 3 alternatives to OgWhatsApp

Some people are complaining that OgWhatsApp is not a genuine app to use two WhatsApp on one phone. And moreover, the process is a little complicated. And there are more and more ways to enable two WhatsApp on one phone. Here are 3 OgWhatsApp alternatives.


Dual WhatsApp 

Dual WhatsApp is the newest way to create the second WhatsApp.


Features of Dual WhatsApp

1.Dual WhatsApp are independent with two different accounts.

2.And each account has independent storage and notifications.

3.The two accounts are online at the same time. No collision.

4.Users don’t need to uninstall official WhatsApp.

5.The setup of second WhatsApp is simple and fast.

6.Small size with 2MB.


Parallel Space

Parallel Space enables users to use the second one of any app on your phone. The second app is kept in the virtual environment.


Features of Parallel Space

1. Users can use any app in the phone with the second account under Parallel Space.

2. It supports 24 languages in the world.

3. It enables incognito installation.

4. Easy-to-use and stable


2 Lines for WhatsApp

2 Lines for WhatsApp is a third-party social communication tool like WhatsApp Messenger. Strictly speaking, it is a genuine dual WhatsApp.


Features of 2 Lines for WhatsApp

1. 2 Lines for WhatsApp can handle more than 2 accounts.

2. Quickly switch between accounts. Users don’t need to exit the app.

3. Account history is saved independently.

4. It is easy to use.

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