All Tricks about WhatsApp Dual SIM Card

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Life and work are the main components in our lives. To enjoy better life, people hope to divide life and work status with two phone numbers. Based on the demands of dual SIM card, many phone brands have launched dual SIM card phone, like Samsung, Huawei, ZTE and Coolpad. Thanks to dual SIM card, WhatsApp on dual SIM phone with two accounts comes true.

As we all know, creating WhatsApp account requires an phone number. Dual SIM gives two phone numbers. If you are happen to live in India, happily you can get dual SIM card without monthly fee. But the truth is that, official WhatsApp messenger allows only one account online at the same time. How to use two WhatsApp on one phone?


Part 1: Install one WhatsApp on your phone and switch between dual SIM

You may have registered two WhatsApp accounts with dual SIM card. Whenever you want to switch account from one to the other, you need to log out and log in the other. Every login requires verification code. It is annoying and time-consuming.

Part 2: Install two WhatsApp on your phone with dual SIM

Technical geeks are always working on new ways to make life easier. Some have put forward the concept of virtual environment to enable two WhatsApp on one phone. This concept has given birth to Dual WhatsApp and Parallel Space.

Dual Whatsapp to Use 2 WhatsApp on dual SIM phone

OGWhatsApp is the out-of-date method to have dual SIM WhatsApp. And you can hardly find working OGWhatsApp APK online now. And Dual WhatsApp, as an alternative, makes dual SIM phones with 2 WhatsApp easier.


Steps to use Dual WhatsApp with dual SIM card:

Step 1:Make sure that you have installed original WhatsApp Messenger on your phone.

Step 2:Downlowad Dual WhatsApp and install.


Step 3:Follow the guide of Dual WhatsApp and create the second WhatsApp.

Step 4:It directs to the setup interface of original WhatsApp. Enter your second number and verify.

Step 5:Enter your name and go on. Start your chat on second WhatsApp now.

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