Can Whatsapp Video Calls become our main communication mode ?

Author: Jack  Chopin   Release time: November 23, 2016   Category: WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application with over 1 billion users. Video calling on WhatsApp has been awaited very eagerly and it has now come along. Your phone will also have the feature enabled very soon, as the company goes about the rollout. It is advisable to wait for the update to be completed automatically on your phone instead of rushing to get it from unknown sources. As and when it is updated on your phone, there is a separate option within call chat to begin a video call, in the form of a camera icon.


How to use WhatsApp’s video calling feature

After clicking the icon on the top right corner of your smartphone, you have many options while the call is being transmitted. You can check your messages by taping on the screen. The audio will continue to roll on while you check your messages. When you want to get back to the video call, reopen the window to resume the video transmission. Mute option can be enabled if you want only the video to be transmitted. Your side of the video can be switched between the rear and the front camera. You can chat on video with people across different platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows and also if they do not have the updated app at the time of calling.


Is there any special element in WhatsApp video calling?

The company has taken its time to release the capability to make video calls. This means that the feature has come equipped with top-notch and seamless security with the data being encrypted making it totally secure. This is in keeping with the same feature on messages and voice, thereby making sure that the video call cannot be pried into by anybody other than the two people making and receiving the video call.


The most important element that makes WhatsApp video calling stand out could be that it has been optimized to be used without any performance issues in situations where network speeds are not reliable as well as on phones that are low cost and hence low capability.

However, topping it all can be the capability of WhatsApp video calling to be miserly in data consumption and on battery charge depletion. These three aspects of the WhatsApp platform could end up making the company the market leader on this front too.

With the capability to use the video feature while being able to navigate in and out of it, and also delivering the ability to customize the calling, the app has all of the standard features that are available with a video app.

More enterprise-level capabilities might be a bit more time away but at present, it can be said that the huge user base of WhatsApp is equally hugely eager to try out the new feature. It could be quite a great exposure to the effective as well as efficient aspects of technology when they find the simplicity of the feature, which is nevertheless thoroughly secure too.

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