Complete Guide to Create WhatsApp Account

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WhatsApp is widely used as an online communication tool for people from young to old. Since such tools came into life, it has greatly changed our life. People are more likely to make calls from WhatsApp with mobile data instead of landline. And if wireless network is available, it will be cheaper and easier. Nevertheless, you need to create WhatsApp account first. If you are not familiar with how to use WhatsApp, this article will guide your way.


Part 1: How to create WhatsApp account for mobile phone?

When you get a new Android phone in your hands, the first thing is to install WhatsApp. Here is a step-by-step guide.

Step1:Download WhatsApp Messenger from Google Play Store and install.

Step2:Create an WhatsApp account with your phone number including your country code.

Step3:Verify your number with a verification code in your messages.

Step4:Start your WhatsApp tour. WhatsApp Messenger will sync your contacts automatically and you will see contacts with WhatsApp registered in your Favorite list.


Simple, right? If you are using WhatsApp on other devices, the only difference is Step 1. Just download from the right place.

For iPhone users:Download WhatsApp Messenger from Apple App Store.

For Blackberry users:Download WhatsApp Messenger from BlackBerry World.

For Windows phone users:Download from Microsoft WhatsApp website.

For PC users:Use WhatsApp on

Part 2:How to create WhatsApp account without phone number?

WhatsApp Messenger is designed for phone users and automatically sync contacts from contact list. So no matter what device you are using to create WhatsApp account, you need to enter a mobile number to verify the account. Luckily, we can always find the solution to make it.

When you open WhatsApp application, it will require you to enter your phone number:


Step 1:Enter your home phone number or landline number.

Step 2:Wait for 5 minutes and it prompts that verification failed. And you can use Call Me option, then you will get a call to Landline number.

Step 3:A voice call will tell you a 6-digit verification code and note download. Enter the verification code where WhatsApp required.

Step 4:Wait for a few seconds and your WhatsApp account will be verified. Follow the guide to set up your WhatsApp details and start your chats now.

Part 3: How to create WhatsApp account on PC

Just like create WhatsApp account without phone, creating WhatsApp account PC is the same. The only difference is that you need to emulate a phone. Thanks to BlueStacks emulator, we can create WhatsApp account on PC now.


Step1:Download BlueStacks emulator online and install.

Step2:Download WhatsApp Messenger and install.

Step3:Enter phone number and verify.

Step4:Get the setup done.

Part 4: How to create WhatsApp dual account with the second number on one phone?

Compared with new WhatsApp users, most users have WhatsApp installed already and also expect a second WhatsApp account. It's a pity that WhatsApp don't allow dual WhatsApp on the same phone. Well, some technical geeks made this possible.

There are many ways to run two WhatsApp on one phone.

Dual WhatsApp

Dual WhatsApp is the newest solution to use two WhatsApp on one phone. It runs the second WhatsApp in a virtual environment. Seperate environment will not arouse any conflict between two WhatsApp accounts.



OgWhatsApp, orginal and classic, is the first solution of running 2 WhatsApp on 1 phone. It has stopped updating and is almost dead.

2 lines for Whatsapp

2 lines for Whatsapp is somewhat different. You don't have to exit one and login another. And two WhatsApp accounts are stored in one app.

Parallel Space

Technology has greatlty changed the world. With Parallel Space, you can not only have two WhatsApp on one phone but also have all apps on your phone with second account.

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