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BBM Channels let you convert your BBM App into a complete outreach platform. All you need is your Blackberry ID and the latest version of BBM to begin your own broadcast channel where you get to post your content and have your subscribers react and debate. You can set up each of the relevant controls with such a platform in terms of the scope of the interaction.


Add and manage your BBM channels

You get to know when your content has reached your subscriber with ‘Delivered’ and ‘Read’ alerts as also the ‘Like’ and ‘Comment’ features. With the results of your outreach available in detail, your engagement with your community is quick and precise. You can use up to 400 characters to fashion your message that makes its way instantly to your followers. You need to pick a title for your message and a picture of not more than 200 kb to go along. Managing your channel can be done both on your phone as well as on the net. A social media console enables you to manage all your social media activity from one location. Use the Analytics feature to get all the data you want about how your channel is performing. You can moderate and delete comments made by your subscribers.

Create your own BBM channel

You can either create your channel on the app or on the site. With a name for your channel and a profile picture, you are ready to broadcast your message, product or service. You are always present to your followers as the BBM channel acts as your real-time streaming platform. When you make an update, you are Live. The medium allows direct chatting with your subscribers. To set up your channel, you need to add a channel picture and choose the category in which your channel will come under. You can also activate your channel to be found on ‘Search.’ Other customizations include whether you want to chat with your subscribers and whether you want to accept comments. If you are running a business, you can add your contact details.

Top 10 channels recommended (as many as possible)

When you go to CHANNELS on your BBM, you can check out the trending channels as well as the newest ones and in addition ‘selected’ channels. Click ‘Join’ and you are subscribed. You can share and comment on the channels you are subscribed to. There is a ‘Paid Placement’ feature if you want to promote your channel across the platform. This feature comes with ‘sponsored invites’ to reach out exactly to your audience. If your channel has graduated into a high subscription base, there is a separate utility available on the platform to manage the activity of your brand on the BBM channel.

Asking questions of your subscribers and feedback makes your channel an interactive exercise that has all the elements of an ideal communication. With all data on your channel such as the method through which your subscribers found you and filtering of engagement trends by day or week, you have a communication avenue that is all about engaging connectivity.

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