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Facebook announced the release of Facebook Messenger Bots platform at a recent F8 conference. Thereafter brands have started to fall all over themselves keen to reach the 900 million users for sales, marketing, and customer service purposes. Facebook bots are being tested to see if they can re-engage with customers.The following companies are testing Messenger Bots thus showing us as to how your brand could also could use this as option as wider marketing tool.

1. Hyatt

World famous hotel chain group Hyatt was one of the first to use messenger for customer service as a means to converse with the guests in private environment.


2. HealthTap

HealthTap also uses bot which allows users to type a question into Messenger any time of the day and get responses from their system absolutely free. Users can see answers from physicians and also view similar questions.


Additionally, HealthTap has 100,000  physicians in various 141 specialties who regularly review and provide additional responses to Messenger queries.

3. Disney

Disney also uses Messenger in chatbot form. Muppets’ fans can now talk with a “Miss Piggy” , developed by a company at the direction of Disney.


This is thought not the first time the company has done it. Earlier they brought Doc Brown to chat  for a campaign to mark “Back to the Future” day.

4. CNN

CNN became the poster boy for using  Messenger to share the news. Do you know people can chat directly witth CNN these days to get breaking news updates? Also one can get personalized stories with keyword from CNN messenger.


Take for eg,  a user is interested in getting information about about Olympics, they can just message CNN “Olympics,” and  bot will reply with the latest news or story about it.

5. Spring

E-Commerce is one of the most innovative ways we see brands are using Messenger bots. It rather helps brands to communicate  with customers rather than promote to them.

You can see as good examples in Spring, which launched Spring Bot. It is a personal shopping environment powered by Messenger and Zopim live chat.


How to use this? Well the bot asks the customer as what he or she is looking for and then showcases the options to select from which includes various options like clothing , shoes or other product.Customers will be able to view the thumbnail with links to the products from where they can purchase with their mobile phone.

To start the clothes-buying process, the bot asks the customer what he/she is looking for and then presents options from which to select, including clothing, shoes, or accessories. Customers can see thumbnails with links to the products that they can purchase using their mobile device.

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