How To Run 2 Facebook Messenger On 1 Android Phone

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Facebook messenger is the most important social media application nowadays. It is one of the best media to connect with various businesses, friends, and other important people for developing good networking scopes. This makes Facebook one of the most complicated things to control with one social media account. For social and corporate relation difference, for friends and flirting difference, for boss and family difference now people are feeling the necessity of dual accounts more than ever. Keep one identity for the boss and other for friends, keep you dating and flirting account separate from the public account and have fun without mixing different spheres of life. Though it is pretty easy to handle multiple social media accounts via computer but when it comes to the mobile phone it is not that easy and seems to be one of the really complicated processes.

So, the dual Facebook account comes to the front to meet this basic requirement of the Facebook messenger users.


There are many companies who made various applications to address the Facebook messenger users who are looking to access dual accounts from their single cell phone but unlike others, Dual Messenger developed by Dual Studio, has many unique facilities which are compatible with many cell phones by taking very minimum space in their storage. This application basically targets the social media addicted persons who are mostly into Facebook messenger.


Below we will show you how to use dual Facebook Messenger account via one smartphone!

Steps to follow to use this application:

Step 1 -- You need to have the official Facebook Messenger application.( Download from Google Play)

Step 2 --Then download the Dual accounts for Facebook messenger.

(If you are using android device then prefer to download this application form Google Play store or Application website)

Step 3 -- After the completion of downloading, install this application.

Step 4 -- Then just press the open button to open the application and verify the new Facebook account.

This simple process helps you in having 2 Facebook messenger in one Android phone.

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With the simple and concise interface this application does suit the requirements of the users who need two Facebook messengers in one cell phone. With proper usage, the users can feel themselves that it is more safe and stable than other such applications available in the market. It is just 3.4 MB which is considerably very low to the functions it provides to the users .



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