How to use 2 LINE accounts on the same phone simultaneously

Author: Jack  Chopin   Release time: September 28, 2016   Category: LINE Chat

LINE has become a major communication tool for people from around the world today. The features of sending messages, voice&video calls and sharing photos bring a lot of convenience to our life. But what if you don’t want to be disturbed when you are out of work or on vacation, or you have two LINE accounts to distinguish between different people? This article will tell you a great way to run 2 LINE chat accounts in 1 Android phone simultaneously online.

1. Download Application ”Dual accounts for LINE”

Please note that the App can only used on Android phone. Click the badge below to download ;it from Google Play.


2. Install and open ”Dual accounts for LINE” . Once completed, click the button “Open” and wait about 2 seconds.


3. Log in to the second LINE account or apply for a new account.

002.png  003.png

When you open LINE app, you’ll have the select to ”Log in” or “Sign up”. If you have 2 telephone numbers, it is very easy to make a choose. But what if you have just only one telephone number?

Please note that if you have used the mobile phone number to certify for your original account, the second account will have to use Facebook certification, otherwise the original account will be logged out. Please follow the steps listed below.

Step1: Uninstall your Facebook Application


Step2: Login with Facebook account                 


If you don’t want to be disturbed, you can switch off the feature of Auto Add Friends.



Now with this application you can switch from one LINE account to the other account LINE in One Android Device easily.





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