Run Dual BBM On One Android Phone

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Compared to WhatsApp Messenger,which was purchased by Facebook, BBM is turning out to be the best choice among other instant messaging Applications as a secondary messenger. As of October 2014, BlackBerry Messenger had reported more than 100 million monthly active users and numbers still growing fast.


Because of its great reputation on privacy protection feature. Like in indonesia, Many local people remain loyal to their friends and family on BlackBerry Messenger, even though most of them no longer use BlackBerry devices.

But like most applications, BBM don’ t allow users run Dual BBM accounts on one phone. This might be due to business strategy or well defined protocols, but majority of us are in need of running several BBM accounts. Earlier it seemed to be impossible but some talented developers are always here to make it happen. Without further ado, here is the complete procedure for running two BBM pins on your Android phone:


Before you begin, please make sure that you have prepared:

1. An Android smart phone running on version 4.1 and up.

2. Make sure you have uninstalled the official BBM app on your Android phone, if not ,download it from Google Play (Dual BBM is not a standalone app. It needs the official BBM app to run)

3. Download Dual BBM from Google Playor  application website



How to work:

Done with installing Dual BBM? If so, follow the instructions.

You'll be seeing Dual BBM icon on your app drawer, which works for your secondary account. Now, open the Dual BBM app and sign in with account that you wish to be your 2nd account.

After setting up , you  will be able to run two BBM accounts on your phone . Both the apps will  send  different message notifications,  easy switch  BBM  accounts whenever and wherever. Enjoy!  


(Sending message from primary account to secondary even works)

Notice : 

Dual BBM needs to apply for the permissions to function normally. And please add BBM2 to white list or exceptional list of some "optimize apps" to make sure that notification of the second account functions well.

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