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LINE chat is a renowned communication app which allows users to make voice calls and send messages freely. Compared to other IM apps, LINE users can express exactly how they feel by choosing from over 10,000 stickers and emoticons, which made it the most popular one in Malaysia, Japan, and Taiwan. As of October 2016, over 200 million users have visited the Sticker Shop, where they are able to discover original stickers of their favorite celebrities and characters. But the problem is not all the stickers are free, so how to solve it ?

If you switch your IP to different countries by using VPN, you would find the secret. LINE release different LINE stickers in different countries’ sticker shop! All you need to do is using VPN service to change IP address to bypass IP filtering and unbind phone number with LINE.


Now let’s follow the guideline to get free LINE stickers from other countries’ sticker shop.

Step 1

Since you are a sticker fan, we assume that you have installed LINE in your Android phone. If not, get it from Google Play Store now.

In your LINE app, go to : More → Settings → Accounts


Step 2

Register your email account and link your Facebook account with LINE. But do not bind any phone number with LINE, because LINE would detect and verify your location by it even you changed your IP address. If you have done so, browse part 4 “Delete Your Phone Number in LINE” in this article.


Step 3

In your Android phone, go to: Settings → Apps.


Step 4

Select “LINE” from the list , Clear data, Force stop ( Make sure you have done this, otherwise LINE would verify your location anyway )


Step 5

Connect VPN in order to get stickers from other countries. Choose one method from this article :"15 best Android VPN apps"

Step 6

Open the LINE app : More → Sticker Shop.


Step 7

Now you would be able to see all the free stickers in that country. Enjoy!


By the way, LINE Shop releases free LINE stickers every Tuesday, don’t hesitate to download them all.

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