With recent updates BBM stays to its reputation of giving more privacy, security and usability

Author: Jack  Chopin   Release time: December 5, 2016   Category: BBM

BBM has always given firat priority to security and privacy along with various other features. Latest BBM updates ensures that it is still the most secure instant messaging app available in the market. So, if you have highly confidential messages then BBM is the answer for you to keep secrets as secrets without any problems.


BBM Protected permits workers to exploit the speed, unwavering quality and protection of BBM for speedier correspondence, joint effort and basic leadership while giving security cognizant associations improved security over corporate information. Whether you are a managed business, or an exceedingly security cognizant association, BBM Protected offers an improved security demonstrate for BBM messages sent between Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry cell phones that ensures corporate information in-travel by including an extra layer of encryption to BBM.


Today, BBM Protected got a suite of redesigns including intense new elements the end client and IT side. This redesign conveys 4 new capacities to upgrade the general involvement and influence BBM much further as a safe correspondence stage amongst people and undertakings.

This is what's new in the most recent BBM Protected discharge:



BBM Protected is intended to give full end-to-end message encryption from the time a BBM Protected client makes an impression on when the beneficiary gets the message. It joins three layers of security. This is one of the most important thing where BBM is always ahead of the rest.

These updates not only keep BBM as one of the social media apps running good in market but also ensures that it keeps it tag of secure social media app. So, stay secure with BBM without any doubts.

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