1. Are Dual series applications 100% free?

The second IM app is available and free for only 10 minutes. You must pay to use it permanently.

2. Will the second IM App work properly if I uninstall Dual series applications?

Nope, please do not uninstall Dual series applications in order to keep the second IM App working properly.

3. Why do Dual series applications apply for so many permissions?

Dual series applications request these permissions in order to keep IM App function normally.

4. Will the second account conflict with the original account?

Absolutely not, the second account is running in a separate environment.

5. Why does the second IM App fail to connect to internet sometimes?

Some Android utilities or traffic-saver apps may block network connections of Dual series applications. Please check the network settings.

6. Why does the second IM App lose message notifications occasionally?

Dual series applications receive and notify messages instantly by running in the background. Some utilities apps may stop Dual series applications without your notice resulting in delay in messages. Please add Dual series applications to the White List of the mobile system and utilities apps to keep Dual series applications running all the time.

7. How can I delete the second IM App in Dual series applications?

You could clear the data of Dual series applications but please note that your history data of Dual series applications will be permanently lost.

8. Do Dual series applications require a new mobile number to run the second IM App?

Yes. The second IM App is the same with original IM App.

If you have any further question please feel free to give us your feedback via dualwhatsapp@gmail.com

PS: “instant messaging“ is abbreviated to“IM“.